A Divorce Attorney’s Thoughts On Love and Marriage-James Sexton

Rozpráva príbehy a jeho názory o tom ako sa (bohatí) ľudia rozvádzajú. Občas zaujímavé, občas machovské, ale vcelku realistické.

Cheating and arguing are just symptoms, problem is these small disconnections.

I don't think it is realistic to have forced-monogamy in this world.

Nejaké stats dáva:
– 56% of marriages end up in divorce
lets say 20% more stay together for kids/money, without divorce
So marriage fails in 76% time … so why people still like it?

– 84% of people who get divorced are remarried within 5 years

A hovorí že málokto má šťastie na to že má šťastné manželstvo. I know thousand couples and I know one couple that are happy together.