configure, LDD, using so library

error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: Error 40
(link to it is wrong, ll on it)

error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
( it is not in the system, add it)

so you want to use .so library from internet.
first – library is probably not stored in system path.
use ‚locate‘. If nothing is printed – it is not in the system.
Add it:

sudo ln -s $PWD/ /usr/lib/

then fix up the locator:

sudo updatedb

and test locator


you can also try to see if its dependencies are met:


That’s it.

Project list

what was done, what is planned.

2011-02-07 10:00:32
Biturn – started as ‚Conv‘ for and evolved into viewer and converter of 2D + 3D graphics. C++, MFC, GTKMM, OpenGL, Visual C++ 6-2008, KDevelop

years 1998 – 2005 active, 2005-2010 scarce updates

2011-02-07 11:11:42
timestamp duplicator

program for (Brett?) guy who is modding some racing game. Program can copy time attributes from files and directories at one location to the same files/directories at target location. Prints out stats about the process.

Paid project, ~ 60e
c++, win32api, vs2008express, GTKMM

2011-02-08 14:46:50

Unpacker for various game archives. Active 1998-2005, started as FF7 LGP unpacker.

recently in 2011 updated for packing feature for Metal Gear Solid.
Non-commercial, C++, Visual Studio, MFC

2011-02-08 14:47:58

3D model viewer of monster database of game Final Fantasy 7.
OpenGL, MFC, Visual Studio

2011-02-08 14:50:15

program for small flea market cash-machine. Finished  30%. Going to be sold and one free version for MC Srdiecko. Started in 2010, not finished.

– printing
– xls/oof/pdf support
– gtkmm

2011-02-08 14:54:57
web projects

mirex, RNR list, simple message board – html,php,sql
trashbin – user file storage, autopurge; php
tery – project documentation, DokuWiki

erbbk – maintenance, typo3 – install, updates, everything – WordPress
materinaduska – same as

k-list kyberia – php, curl

2011-02-08 14:58:05

long developed game project. 2002 and still running. Not much of releases, only few. At this time no active members beside me. Still active.

SDL, FMOD, KDevelop, Visual Studio