Raspberry pi – Home made radio with remote control

My own notes, hints, etc.

We need:
– Raspberry Pi
– notebook with SD card port for cards that fit into RasPi
– hdmi cable + monitor
– usb keyboard and mouse

How to:
– flash the card, load it with image you decided best for you
– login to shell (ssh pi@IP.address), default pwd is raspberry
– configure RPI by sudo raspi-config, change pwd to pi / Radio5678
– sudo apt-get update
– install cmdpad (scripts bound to keyboard hits), should be replaced by preinstalled thd – trigger happy daemon
– install mpd (music player with server, accessible remotely) + mpc (client for it)

that sets up the radio on Raspberry Pi, just unpack it and run „sudo make install“


I’m using:
* before: http://www.linuxsystems.it/2012/06/debian-wheezy-raspberry-pi-minimal-image
* now: 2014-06-20-wheezy-raspbian.zip (2_8gb)

* Installed .img on card using the sourceforge.net/projects/win32diskimager
* Does not boot (leds dead), have to update firmware because I have 512mb (stated in comments on page)
* Upgrading firmware:
* https://github.com/raspberrypi/firmware/tree/master/boot
* download all single files
* copy them to existing sd card boot folder in windows, overwrite existing files
* bootable, leds are on
* requested IP from DHCP
* ssh to the IP
* login: root / raspberry
* logged in

* trying to install mpd : apt-get install mpd – failed with packages not downloadable, hangs
* fix: apt-get update –fix-missing
* apt-get install mpd : downloading 45mb of packages:

[….] Starting Music Player Daemon: mpdlisten: bind to ‚[::1]:6600‘ failed: Failed to create socket: Address family not supported by protocol (continuing anyway, because binding to ‚‘ succeeded)
Failed to load database: Failed to open database file „/var/lib/mpd/tag_cache“: No such file or directory

apt-get install alsa-utils

trying raspbian

* trying to install mpd : apt-get install mpd – failed with packages not downloadable, hangs
* fix: apt-get update –fix-missing

adduser radio/radiopi

Sprav makefile

/etc/modules – add ipv6

For Ubuntu users, if your directories and files are on other devices, like /dev/hda1, you must add mpd user to „plugdev“ group.

install cmdpad

make cmdpad work:
sudo touch /var/log/cmdpad.log
sudo chmod 777 /var/log/cmdpad.log
add to /etc/rc.local:
/usr/local/cmdpad/cmdpad –verbose >> /var/log/cmdpad.log &

install mpd + mpc
setup mpd
backup /etc/mpd.conf

command=015,P ,/usr/local/radio/switchToChannel.py 1
command=051,P ,/usr/local/radio/switchToChannel.py 1
command=052,P ,/usr/local/radio/switchToChannel.py 1
command=053,P ,/usr/local/radio/switchToChannel.py 1
command=002,P ,/usr/local/radio/switchToChannel.py 1

command=103,P ,/usr/local/radio/switchToChannel.py 2
command=030,P ,/usr/local/radio/switchToChannel.py 2
command=048,P ,/usr/local/radio/switchToChannel.py 2
command=036,P ,/usr/local/radio/switchToChannel.py 2
command=003,P ,/usr/local/radio/switchToChannel.py 2

command=125,P ,/usr/local/radio/switchToChannel.py 3

command=105,P ,/usr/local/radio/switchToChannel.py 4

command=114,P H,/usr/local/radio/volume.py -5
command=115,P H,/usr/local/radio/volume.py +5

command=071,P H,/usr/bin/aumix -d /dev/mixer -v -5
command=075,P H,/usr/bin/aumix -d /dev/mixer -v +5

1 – 15 (or cycle if numlock: 51,52,53,2)
2 – 103 (30, 48, 36, 3)
3 – 125 (32, 14, 18, 4)
4 – 105 …
5 – 28
6 – 106
7 – 29 and 24
8 – 108
9 – 1
vol- = 114
vol+ = 115

Link to other radio: http://radiolv.fm/DIYradio/

Random trash
cron – no @reboot
??? sudo usermod john -g sudo??

Island – crowd sourced constitution is dead

Iceland’s ‘crowd-sourced’ constitution is dead
Posted on 29 March 2013    by Baldur Bjarnason (@fakebaldur)

* late 2008 and early 2009: pots- and pans-banging crowds in Parliament Square in Reykjavík
* early 2009: new post-crash government that came to office
* Fewer than 37% percent voted in the election for the constitutional parliament.
* The next step should have been to put the draft to a committee that would then have solicited feedback from constitutional scholars, lawyers, and other experts. Parliament should have then spent several months of continuous work hammering out the gaps, loopholes, and wording of the document before presenting it to the nation. Instead the government put it in a drawer and sat on it for months.
* At first the goal was to put the completed constitution proposal to a referendum alongside the presidential election in June 2012.
* The only thing that the autumn 2012 constitutional referendum accomplished was to prove that the new constitution was dead. But that’s not how foreign media reported it.
* after the October 2012 referendum that some of the unsupportive academics stepped forward with critical comments on the bill

Democracy on ice: a post-mortem of the Icelandic constitution
Thorvaldur Gylfason 19 June 2013

Cyklomapy na Slovensku

(vsetky preberaju a pridavaju data z/na openstreetmap.org)


Znacenie map:
howto: http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Hiking

Real world znacenie map:

Vojenská oblasť Záhorie – vstup:
Mapa kam sa nemôže ísť:

Slovenka Andrea: Aké je byť matkou desiatich detí


„Dostávam iba materskú, mesačne 423 eur. Mám aj pôžičky, splátky mi
hneď posťahujú. Deckám treba do školy poukážky zaplatiť.“ Pomáha jej
otec, u ktorého bývajú, ale je v predčasnom dôchodku. Starosta Devínskej
Novej Vsi im pomáha s potravinami. Na poriadny nákup by vraj
potrebovala 300 až 450 eur, minúť však môže nanajvýš 150. Nakupuje
vo veľkom.