Sean London’s answer to Has anyone beaten depression or can you beat it? – Quora


My credentials: I cried everyday for years. I’ve been institutionalized, handcuffed, medicated. Turned my life upside down more than once. Tried therapy, life coaches, spiritual stuff, meditation, psychotropics—you name it. I’ve been there.

These days, I don’t have any emotional issues at all (that I know of). Depression is so far away from me that I have trouble empathizing with being depressed; I have to think pretty hard to totally recall that hopeless, without willpower, empty feeling I used to carry all the time. I wouldn’t call myself super happy—but I definitely wouldn’t identify as depressed or sad. Right now, just trying to get my money right, write music (I’m a songwriter), and enjoy life.

This is my recipe for beating depression. If I met someone who said to me, “I seriously want to beat depression. If you know how, just tell me what to do,” this is exactly what I would tell them.