add contacts to autocomplete in outlook 2010

ja som to riesil akurat teraz. Urobil som jednak to, ze v "Contacts" kde mam v "My Contacts" zalozku "Contacts" a "Suggested Contacts" tak som skopiroval vsetky Contacts do Suggested.

A potom dalsia fajn vec je klavesa ctrl+K pri pisani mena, ctrl+k mi automaticky doplni vhodne meno

running MSVC 2008 Express Debug app on customer PC

The easiest way to do it is to copy the contents of the following folders to your program folder (the same folder you have your debug executable in)

For Visual C++ 2005:

C:program filesMicrosoft Visual Studio 8VCredistDebug_NonRedistx86

For Visual C++ 2008:

C:program filesMicrosoft Visual Studio 9.0VCredistDebug_NonRedistx86

if using the VC/MFC Feature Pack for VC++ 2008 you must also define the following two defines near the top of your stdafx.h: