Cool songs and singers / bands

breakbeat / nu-jazz : Mr. Scruff Feat. Alice Russell –  Music Takes Me Up
singer : Alice Russell , Gabriella Cilmi Sanctuary
brazilian samba rock/soul : Trio Mocoto – Voltei Amor
electro : Gus Gus – David
electro : Justice – Phantom ; Knife – Like a Pen
ambience, 1,5 minutovy lead-in : jazzanova – that night
vocal pop : Sia – Buttons
hiphop : Tragikomix Tequila Pivo (soundphreakers Remix) , Popreduu Nikomu Nic ( nezavidim, david zo senca )
drum’n’bass / breakbeat : Front line assembly – Burried alive
chillout / jazz : Hird feat. Yukimi Nagano – Keep You Kimi
pop : Ursiny / Strpka – Pena
dedinsky pop-folk : Slniecko – Rajciny
hip-hop funky: De-Phazz – The Mambo Craze
jazzy funk and hip hop : Us3 – Cantaloop (Flip Fantasia)
jazz + piano : Hiromi Nagano
rythmic, pop, hiphop : Fatboy Slim – Wonderful Night
rythmic, pop : Hooverphonic – Sometimes
salsa, pop, hip-hop : Amo & Mango Molas – Mala Nocna Salsa
pop, broken-beat : Matthew Herbert – Harmonise
pop : Hex
pop, rythmic : Just Jack – Starz in Their Eyes
hip-hop : Lyrik – Narez
? : m-beat – Do U know where you’re coming from
jazz/pop/mild brazilian : Julie Dexter / Khari Cabral Simmons – Fooled by a Smile (album Moon Bossa [2006] )
chill, pop : Dubstar – Stars
breakbeat, dnb, rave : Apollo 440 – Raw Power
dnb : Matrix & Futurebound – Coast to Coast
pop, vocal : Sade – Strawberry Kisses
vocal, chill : 4hero ( 4hero – Morning Child )

2008-11-18 15:49:16
dance: Planet funk – Chase the sun
breakcore: Venetian Snares – Szamár Madár
electro: Orbital – Mock tudor, Halycon + on + on, Illuminate, Lush, Technologicque Park

2009-03-25 10:56:07
jazz/dnb : Big Strides – Hen Night Limousine

2009-03-30 22:58:43
jazzy/funky: Stepchild/lash – Bike

2009-06-15 14:11:11
dnb: State Of Mind – Sun King (Chris.Su Remix)
dnb: Adam F, John B, Matrix & Futurebound, DJ Fresh
soft dnb: KALEIDOSCOPIO Tem Que Valer

2009-07-20 10:07:57
funny pop : Cake – Never There

2010-02-17 18:07:11
TV on the Radio – Golden Age – pop/electro/listening
Koop / Yukimi Nagano – Summer Sun – swing/jazz/nu
filthy dukes – messages – electro
jack penate – Pull my heart away – pop
peter lipa – vselico – jazz
haf & beyuz – balkansky sen – funny/hiphop 80%
depeche mode – peace – strange/pop 80%
calvin harris – Ready for a weekend – pop 90%
Monkey Bussiness – Branded – disco/funk/cz
Keedz – Stand on the Word ( mima remix ) – pop/electro/listening

Nu:Tone feat. Natalie Williams – System
High Contrast feat. Diane Charlemagne – If we ever – 2007
Lenny Fontana (Nu Tone Remix) – Spread Love – 2003
Uncut feat. Jenna G – Midnight – 2003

Lenny Fontana – Spread Love =

2010-11-27 22:33:27
Simian Mobile Disco – Hustler  (Elektro)
Ronson Mark & Business Intl – The Bike Song (pop indie)
Moloko – Cannot Contain This (pop indie)
Sixpence – None the Richer There She Goes (pop)
Just Jack Doctor Doctor(house)
Skream Where You Should Be Ft. Sam Frank(dubstepop)
Jamie Woon – Night Air(chill)
Aloe Blacc –  I Need A Dollar (rnb)
Robyn None Of Dem Ft. Royksopp(elektro/dub)
Jimi Hendrix Fire (alternate Version) (rock)
Quasimondo –  Demon S Telom (rap,soul)
Karol Mikloš – Leaving For England (rock)

2011-05-03 16:08:14
Marr Johnny – Tendency To Be Free (folk rock, original Rabbit McKay)
MC Solaar – Nouveau Western (soul hip hop)
The Fugees – Fu-Gee-La (soul hip hop)

2011-05-12 20:43:19
Michael Gray – The Weekend
Stardust – Music sounds better with you
M.I.A. – It takes a muscle
Simian Mobile Disco – Hustler (elektro)
dEUS – The Architect (rock)
Magnetic Man – I need air (breakbeat)
B-Complex – Dievca z reklamy (300 Hrmenych + Beata Dubasova) (d’n’b)
B-Complex – Bigger Oranges (d’n’b)
B-Complex – Beautifull Lies
The Uniques – Dungeon (rock)
The Uniques – Wild  (rock)
Hex – Kazdy den je nedela (pop-rock)
Peter Lipa – (Srdce)
Peter Lipa – Balada o 4 konoch

2011-10-19 14:30:19
(Chill, breaks, trip ninja tune)
dj shadow-midnight in a perfect world
diplo – summer’s gonna hurt you

2011-11-28 10:50:36
Goldfish – We come together (jazzy, synths)
Junior Boys – Double Shadow (electro)

2011-12-01 09:45:16
Strike Boys – Vida La Revolucion(dance)
Coco Steel & Lovebomb – Yachts (modern latino)
Smoove & Turrell – Slow Down (pop man vocal)
Mark Ronson & The Business Intl – Bang Bang Bang (new synthpop)
Eat Static – Mondo A Go Go! – (retro electro latino)
The Herbaliser feat. What What (Jean Grae) – The Blend (rap)
Everything Everything – Final Form (rock/indie/modern)
Art of noise – Island (chill)
4hero – Ways of Thought (nujazz)
Human factor – japan delight (dnb liquid)

2012-01-04 09:48:40
White Lies – The Power The Glory (radio Mix) synth pop
The Whip – Secret Weapon (radio Edit) indie rock
Tempah Tinie – Pass Out (radio Edit) elektro rap
SBTRKT – Pharaohs  (dance)
M83 – Midnight City (electro)
Jean Jacques Smoothie – 2 People (Mirwais Extended Mix) (electro)
Native Force – Music Box (electro beats)
Digitalism – Circles (radio Edit) (electro)

Kingdom of Auspiex Online – 2D MMORPG

Kingdom of Auspiex Online –
quite large 2D pixelart MMORPG . Client has 250mb
freenode / gamedev / kozmonaut (leader)

its a mmorpg, with about 50 to 100 playes on all the time and tons of content like:
– player housing
– crafting
– bard system
– spec system
– multiclass
– badass spells that kill one two or 10 targets
– mini games like crafting, cooking, fishing, lockpicking
– battle system full pvp, allignment based ( you gain more evil allignment killing those with greater )
– if yo evil you can hire gangsters and mercenaries to join you
– even start your own town

development 2005 – 2008, team: 12 core, 1 team leader + main designer, 4 scripters, 1 super prgrammer and artists and a few sound designers

xubuntu 8.04 on Asus M6000 how to

graphic drivers work well

keyboard switching

go to Applications / Settings / keyboard , Keyboard shortcuts tab
add Shortcut something like win + F2 = setxkbmap sk qwerty , win + F1 = setxkbmap us
– setxkbmap can’t cycle through keyboards
– panel widget for keyboard switching ain’t displaying current keyboard if you switch it this way.

Volume control through shortcuts

the same as keyboard switching, add shortcuts like win + m = aumix -v0 , win + , = aumix -v-10 , win + . = aumix -v+10

2008-10-18 14:57:26
How to reinstall downloaded packages to freshly new installed xubuntu.

– Copy all the deb packages into respective /var/cache/apt/archive/
– Go to Settings / Repositories and unselect all the repositories.
– Add new 3rd party repository – a list of the packages you want to add (can be located in any directory) with syntax:
deb file:/directory/to/packages-file ./
– If you don’t have this list file ( Packages.gz ) then create it like:
dpkg-scanpackages . /dev/null | gzip -9c > Packages.gz
which you have to run in directory containing the packages. You can put "Packages.gz" anywhere you like.
– run Synaptic, go to ‚status‘ selection section, and choose ‚Not installed‘ list. There you see list of all packages, and you can install them.

2008-10-18 16:55:41
firefox 3.0 file associations
There is something messed up with file associations of files in ‚downloads‘ window of FireFox. You can’t even open containing folder of the downloaded file.

Fix is to install "firefox-3.0-gnome-support".

2008-10-19 16:42:25
To have keyboard shortcuts for volume control enabled, you have to install package ‚aumix‘, its not present by default.

2008-10-20 18:49:27
enable autologin
run: gksudo gdmsetup
in the dialogue, go to Security > Enable Automatic Login

2008-11-01 20:36:51

How to: Xubuntu – Thunar Native Windows Network Browsing

Since Thunar doesn’t have native network Browsing, here is a good way to accomplish it:

1) In XFCE’s Applications -> System -> Shared Folders. (This should trigger a Samba install if you don’t already have a share, and it should allow you to define the proper workgroup)

2) Install fusesmb in Synaptic (from Universe repository)

3) Edit /etc/modules and add the word ‚fuse‘ to the modules list to be loaded (without quotes), and save the file.

4) Reboot, so the fuse module loads, and the proper workgroup is read for samba.

5) In XFCE Applications -> System -> Users and Groups… Properties of your username… User Priveleges Tab… check "Allow use of fuse file systems…"

6) Create a directory that you are going to mount your network browse to… I used /media/network. Change permissions to read / write for group and others (777).

*** 6.5) In a terminal, type: sudo chown <username>:fuse /media/network
(Where <username> is your user account logon name)

*** 6.6) Double check that the permission to use fuse took. Applications -> System -> Users and Groups… Manage Groups… find fuse and choose properties. Make sure your user name account is in that group and check-marked.

*** 6.7) Reboot the system and triple check with step 6.6

7) In XFCE Applications -> Settings -> Autostarted Applications… Add an application… name and describe as you wish… for command line, put: fusesmb /media/network (Or whatever mountoint you created).

Open Thunar, and navigate to the parent folder of your mountpoint… then drag the ‚mounpoint folder‘ to the places (shortcut) pane of thunar.

9) Logout and log back in (So the user privilege and fusesmb autostart will take affect)

*** Added steps to help prevent some access denied issues some people have been experiencing with fusesmb.

2008-11-04 20:03:11
installed WinXP right after Ubuntu
grub does not start up after reboot, you see only WinXP.

– boot in Ubuntu live cd, run it. Run terminal
– sudo grub
inside grub type:
– find /boot/grub/stage1
– root (hdx,y)  <- here type in output from ‚find‘
– setup (hd0)
– quit

reboot and you’re done.

maybe another possibility could be to change window’s partition to unbootable from bootable, and to boot-enable linux partition again. This could be done by:
sudo fdisk /dev/sda
type p and a commands.

2008-11-23 14:57:48

You can’t mount USB stick drive, with error saying something like "You can’t mount bla bla ntfs-3g fuse bla old version bla root" and reference to ? Even though that it is USB stick with FAT16 partition ? Could be caused by that you messed with user privileges. Try to see if your user is in users group, or try adding him to ‚root‘ group too.

2008-12-21 22:10:04
About that USB stick auto-mounting again:
if it still happends, that drive is not automounted, though you can allways mount it with ‚sudo mount /dev/sdb1 /media/usbdisk‘ then you can enable automount by adding mount line to ‚etc/fstab‘:
/dev/sdb1    /media/usbdisk    auto    user,noauto,exec 0 0

2008-12-25 22:28:31
OpenGL programs working slowly ? You have to disable software fallback for mesa. Run driconf and turn off low impact fallback.

package driconf – Driconf is a graphical configuration tool for the Direct Rendering Infrastructure (DRI). It allows customizing performance and visual quality settings of OpenGL drivers on a per-driver, per-screen and/or per-application level.

2009-07-03 17:03:44

all those bluez utils don’t work much, and doing it cmd-line every time is boring. Install "KDEbluetooth" tools, and then run ‚kbluetooth‘. It starts up as tray icon, and gives you comfortable way to browse bluetooth device disks.

2009-07-19 14:42:06
Before running ‚kbluetooth‘ you have to run "sudo /etc/init.d/bluetooth start" in terminal.

2009-07-19 17:19:12
kbluetooth is available in package ‚kdebluetooth‘ which is also dependant on package ‚bluez-utils‘

2011-03-18 22:00:49
Listing installed packages in console
aptitude search – | grep -e ^i | sed ‚s/^i.{3}([-._a-zA-z0-9][-_.a-zA-z0-9]*)..*/1/’| sed ‚s/n/&/‘ | tr ‚n‘ ‚ ‚

Temporary mailboxes for spam – protection – no registration, no nothing. Use <something> in any registration webform, and then go to and check for your registration mail just by entering your <something> – go there, click link and copy your new mail address. Use it and wait for registration mail. Your mailbox expires after 10 minutes unless you refresh.

2008-10-02 14:01:54 – regular webmail, but when you receive new mail it first goes to ‚verify‘ folder. Sender receives captcha test, and only after he solves it, you receive the e-mail. Test has to be solved only once for every sender.