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gtkmm simple failure

Program hangs at Gtk::Main kit( argc, argv ); and in console you see only these messages:

GLib-GObject-CRITICAL **: gtype.c:2458: initialization assertion failed, use g_type_init() prior to this function

GLib-CRITICAL **: g_once_init_leave: assertion `initialization_value != 0′ failed

reason? simple! Call:


on start of main. Doh!

running MSVC 2008 Express Debug app on customer PC

The easiest way to do it is to copy the contents of the following folders to your program folder (the same folder you have your debug executable in)

For Visual C++ 2005:

C:program filesMicrosoft Visual Studio 8VCredistDebug_NonRedistx86

For Visual C++ 2008:

C:program filesMicrosoft Visual Studio 9.0VCredistDebug_NonRedistx86

if using the VC/MFC Feature Pack for VC++ 2008 you must also define the following two defines near the top of your stdafx.h:





multiplatform printing resources, not finished

Printing multiplatform:

Burza libs – printing and xls/ods multiplatform

Project that allows you to layout page in postscript :

Example how to print postscript in windows:

How to print on unix – cups:

excel read/writer:

OOo library ?

2010-11-18 09:53:27 – excel

2011-02-08 09:55:00
printing to PDF:

How to setup project in KDevelop

novy projekt:

zalozka vpravo – Automake manager
 – v hornej casti klikni na ikonku ‚add new subproject‘ a zadaj jeho meno, napriklad ‚src‘. Bez subprojektu by sa linky
    na cpp subory pridavali priamo do projektoveho adresara. Takto budu pridavane do podadresara ‚src‘
 – v hornej casti vyber projekt ‚src‘ a klikni na ikonku ‚add target‘ a zadaj meno cieloveho executable
 – v dolnej casti sa zobrazi <meno exe>( Program in bin ), okrem povodneho (header in noinst) (ale ten tam nebude kedze sme v podprojekte)
 – cpp ktore pridas do tohoto noveho itemu sa budu kompilovat
 – v menu / Project /  Project Options nastav Configure Options pre tvoj config, pravdepodobne ‚debug‘. Do C/C++
    preprocessor daj cesty ku libkam, do Linker flags daj libky. V zalozke C++ mozes pridat definy,
    napr "-O0 -g3 -D_UNIX -D_DEBUG"
    Tieto nastavenia netreba nastavovat v Automake manageri cez ikonku kluca. Netreba tam nic vyplnat, vsetko
    sa nastavuje v Project options.
 – spusti Build / run Automake & friends
 – spusti Build / run Config
 – spusti Build / Build project
 – po kompilacii nastav v zalozke Run options nastav parametre pre spustanie. Napriklad
    executable: /home/mirex/work/biturn_svn/BiturnGtkmmKdev/debug
    Debug arguments: 002131080.C3 002131080.lwo -log 3 –general-owauto 1
    Working directory: /home/mirex/work/biturn_svn/BiturnGtkmmKdev/debug/src

2010-02-12 23:43:44
Error: "collect2: ld returned 1 exit status"
Can mean: you don’t have disk space left for linking the library. contacts

15.7. – 24.7.
2D sidescrolling comic-fighting: programmer needed =
Comic-style graphic designer available = ( Pehkis_FIN )
Need Programmer for 2d Platformer = ( Rusty Knight X )
Composer / Producer looking for work = ( Hargne )
Programmer wanted. = ( Subterfuge , 2d platformer )


 I’m programmer who wants to make a platformer game. Here I can show you some details on a 2D engine I’m making: and here you can see a downloadable one-level-demo:

Write me back and tell me if you’re interested.

 Cheers !

2009-07-25 22:23:20
8.7. – 14.7.

PARPG – isometric 2d RPG looking for programmers, artists & game mechanics designers = ( mvBarracuda , post-apocalyptic RPG )

2D GameEditor =

2D Artist Looking for a Project = ( cybertronics )

2d Shooter Needs Art, Music Content =

Looking for Programmer for Indie Action Game!! = ( MurnauGames )

2009-08-04 02:03:19
another resume?


I’d like to apply. I’m a programmer, who has been programming for a long time and also tried to develop a game. I did try it with team of people but it has died on lack of interest from other team-members. I would like to create a platformer game.

I have already started a old-school platformer engine. Here are the specs so you can see if it suits your needs:
– runs on PC, possible to run on Windows/Linux, Mac
– has in-game level editor and scripts editor
– variable screen resolutions available, color depth is limited to 8 bits (256 colors)
– uses sprite bitmap graphics ( so no special effects are possible, like blur, precise rotations, transparencies etc )

Here is wiki webpage of the engine where you can see screenshots and information on it. And try to download and play one level of simple platformer I made .

2009-08-15 10:28:18
25.7 – 11.8

Pixel Art Workshop – Art Shop – (BloodyAvenger) –
free sprites / sprites to buy / to do.

2D Action-Shooter Game Looking for Lead Artist and Lead Programmer – (Game_Architect)

Team for 2D platformer shoot’emup – ( Penguz )

[indie] 2d artist seeks awesome programmer! – (mockra)

Segfaults in MSVC9, does not in KDevelop

Biturn segfaulted on 3d file preview, but only in winxp. Solved by setting main class to static in main(). Reason ? There is some memory allocation at the place where it segfaults, and it probably taken up all memory.

malloc() are using memory from stack. They should be replaced with calls to new() which allocs from heap.

2009-06-03 18:01:30
< tdb> mirex: Windows has a considerably smaller stack than Linux, so
             it’s very much possible that your object is causing a stack
             overflow.  Static local variables go in the data section and not