Fwd: What is Free Software (Open Source)? Explained in less than 3 minutes!


We have often been asked for a short video explaining Free Software, so
it can easily be shared whenever you want to quickly explain to others.

Here you go: a video explaining the essential four rights to use, study,
share, and improve software. Rights that help to support other
fundamental freedoms like freedom of speech, press, and privacy.

You can watch the video on our own freedom-respecting Peertube instance:


In order to reach more people about the problems of proprietary software
for user freedom, we have also made the video available on a proprietary


Now we need your help! Please share the video with friends, colleagues,
and the public on different channels, let us know how you like it by
commenting, and if you see it on platforms which you are using, by
rating the video there.

By doing this, you increase the chance that the video will be
recommended to people who have never heard of software freedom before.
Help them learn what Free Software is, in less than 3 minutes.

Best regards,
Fani Partsafyllidou