Custom ROM on Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini

Samsung Galaxy S5 mini SM-G800F is 4×1,4GHz 1,5gb 16gb 8mpx 4,5″ A4

I don’t like that official Android is bugging me with its pre-installed apps which can’t be removed, and also official Android 4 which is upgradable to Android 5.1.1 is not enough, I wanted to try Android 8.

Which Custom-ROM I got: ROM 8.0 – [ROM][G800F/M/Y][8.0.0_r32][ALPHA][UNOFFICIAL] AospExtended ROM V5.0 [29-11-2017] By spookcity138
8.x Oreo ROM Kernel: Linux 3.4.x Based On: AOSP Last Updated 2017-11-29

How well did it install:
To my 99% happines, and I believe I can get it to 100% and won’t return to original Samsung Android.

– video – after recording video app crashes, and does not store video.
– photos – camera is sometimes frozen when started
– playing video .avi file – player closes right away
– does not draw map at all, it is all black

I think it may be something with video codecs, or camera app? I can replace those.

Works well:
– all hardware items – wifi, mobile internet, fingerprint (does not unlock very well for me), adaptive light, internal and SD storage
– calls, loudspeaker, sms
– gapps (play shop, installing apps, gmail, calendar)
– photos, copying to PC
– alarm clock
– GPS, navigation (OsmAnd)
– browser (stock via), youtube videos
– WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype calls,
– Notifications while phone is not waken up, slack, trello

I can’t find:
– how to remove google bar from bottom part of screen (but I will find out)
– how to view my contacts from SIM card, I see only google contacts; I could import them via some random „SIM contacts“ app.

Not tested yet:
– car bt handsfree calls
– taking pictures with gps marks

Some feature description:

Steps performed:
I found that all installation (and unblocking, flashing) how-to’s are too complicated, long, too full of words and all referencing to each other to do ‚some part of process‘, so I want to sum up what I did, and how I did it:
– Odin3 v3.12.3 (google, download, install on windows machine)
– SAMSUNG_USB_Driver_for_Mobile_Phones_1.5.27.0 (google, download, had troubles, not working on Win 7 or Win 10, had to go by ideas in )
– phone into upload mode by ‚volume down + power + menu‘ buttons, plug in with usb cable, Odin should show ‚device added‘
– and installing twrp-3.2.1-0-kminilte.img.tar via Odin’s ‚BL‘ or ‚AP‘ button (I did both)
– phone into TWRP mode with ‚volume up + power + menu‘
– wipe (factory reset)
– while in TWRP when connecting with USB cable it has MPT showing android disks, copy all images I want to install from PC to internal memory (that is custom-rom and gapps package)
– beforehand I broke my kernel, so I replaced it by
= run TWRP (see above)
= (google, download)
= unzip and copy with usb cable to device
= TWRP use button install image ‚boot‘ and select boot; ‚recovery‘ and select recovery; reboot
= now my TWRP is gone
= again Odin, AP upload of TWRP
– TWRP, install, select image Odin
– reboot (later I found that this was mistake), done, magic! I can see AEX logo, new system is starting, works!

Issue with google services – „Google Play services has stopped“. All the time. Probably because I rebooted and did not install gapps right away as it was suggested. So here we go again according official how-to:
1) Factory Reset (or manually wipe (format) Data partition – Internal Storage wipe is NOT necessary)
2) Manually wipe (format) your System partition
3) Flash your ROM
4) Flash GApps package
5) Wipe the Dalvik & cache
6) Reboot
(according ‚Clean‘ install)

And now it works – Android 8.0.0;AospExtended-v5.0-ALPHA;Kernel 3.4.113+



=== Changed image on 2018-02-14 ===
Unofficial LineageOS ROMs for the Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini (G800F)
2017-10-22 02:33 LineageOS 14.1 =>

1) copied zip on phone
2) downloaded correct gaps package for 7.1 android (pico)
3) went according install instructions:
3.1) Reboot into recovery mode (Press Volume-Up + Home + Power button)
3.2) Wipe Dalvik Cache, Cache, System and Data (inside Wipe -> Advanced Wipe).
3.3) Install the zip-package
3.4) Install the GApps zip-package
4) reboot, works! First boot takes longer.

Tested OK:
– calls, loudspeaker
– sms
– photos, with gps marks, videos, replaying, copying to PC
– alarm clock
– gapps
– google play shop, installing app
–, navigation
– google calendar
– chrome, youtube videos
–, skype calls, notifications while phone is not waken up, trello

Not tested:
– car bt handsfree calls
– mail
– slack
– messenger with sending photos
– mobile data
– bluetooth

Compared to previous image:
– gps, camera, recording video works well
– battery lasts more
– no errors