homeopatia respektive jej zakladatel je za vakcinaciu

Iba taka zaujimavost na ktoru som narazil – homeopatia respektive jej zakladatel je za vakcinaciu

Peter Antony Goodwin Fisher about homeopathy people being against vaccination:
<i>This is not part of homeopathic tradition.
Homeopathy was actually invented in same year as vaccination – 1796 – and Hahnemann – the founder of homeopathy he wrote a lot so if you want to find him contradict himself you can but on one thing he never contradicted himself on vaccination he was 110% in favor of vaccination.
So lets be quite clear – homeopathy is not anti-vaccination.</i>

Peter Antony Goodwin Fisher, FRCP (b. 1950)
is a prominent figure in the international homeopathic medical community, contributing on multiple fronts to the investigation, practice and propogation of homeopathy.
He currently serves as Clinical Director and Director of Research at the Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine, Europe’s largest integrative medical facility.
He is editor-in-chief of Homeopathy, a Medline indexed medical journal.

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