radical religious attacks

Q: Where's the Christian version of ISIS and every other religion?

— 400 years of Trans Atlantic Slave Trade that maimed, raped, killed, kidnapped, and enslaved 20 million Africans "heathens" to bring them to Christ
— Genocide of Native Americans under the name of Christ as Manifest Destiny
— Genocide of Australian Aborigines that killed 90% of their population in less than a century, again by Christian Europeans
— Salem Witch Trials
— Spanish Inquisition
— Crusades
— The Lord's Resistance Army in Uganda that has maimed, raped, & killed up to 100,000 people according to the

UN, during the past 15 years, which is far more destructive than ISIS, and they've done so to establish

Biblical Law as a self-described Christian organization
— In Central Africa Republic Christian Militias have destroyed every single mosque and the UN reports that Muslims are facing ethnic cleansing, with reports that Christians are cannibalizing Muslims, literally
— In America white supremacists who are self-described Christian are the single largest terror threat to American security, that's according to the FBI and 392 police agencies in a study published last year
— George Bush, a devout Christian, said God told him to invade Iraq, where by some estimates 1 million civilians were killed due to this unjust war
— The KKK still exists
— Nazis still exist
— Aryan nations still exist

So before you question any Muslim about ISIS (which btw is the result of that Iraq bombing and not the result of the Qur'an) please check yourself. Pretty sure it was Jesus who said something about motes and beams and judge not lest ye be judged.