The agreement means that all refugees and migrants arriving in Greece from Sunday can expect to be returned to Turkey

The agreement means that all refugees and migrants arriving in Greece
from Sunday can expect to be returned to Turkey. The accord, which is
expected to be formally signed off later on Friday, represents a
climbdown by Turkey, which had been pushing to restart EU membership
talks in five areas.

Turkey has promised that all returned people will be treated in line
with international law, including guarantees that they will not be
returned to the countries they have fled from.

The controversial one-for-one deal remains intact: for every Syrian
refugee the EU sends back across the Aegean, a Syrian in Turkey will be
given a new home in Europe.

But the number of Syrians who can be rehoused in Europe from Turkey has
been capped at 72,000, far short of the 108,000 a year recommended by
international aid agencies, if the EU is to do its fair share. The EU’s
relocation scheme will be stopped once more than 72,000 people have been
settled in Europe, amid concerns among some EU members of an open-ended

Anyone making an asylum claim in Greece would be guaranteed a personal
interview and the right of appeal. In theory, this would allow asylum
seekers, for example Kurds, to make a case for not being sent back to

Athens and the EU authorities will have to build a functioning asylum
system in the Greece within less than 48 hours. Thousands of extra staff
– judges, case officers, border guards and translators – will need to
be sent to the Greek islands to ensure claims can be processed.

Even deportation back to Turkey won’t stop him, Frayha promised. “If I
can’t go to Greece, then of course I’ll find another way,” he said,
heavy metal music blasting from his headphones. “Probably from [the
Turkish port of] Mersin to Italy. I’ve actually already talked to a
smuggler about that route.”

PS: Trpkou ironiou je, ze vo svojich „rieseniach“ su to hlavne ti, co sa
najviac boja nezvladnutej integracie a zvysenej kriminiality, ktori ju
de facto podporuju kazdym apelom na „tvrdu ruku“. Hranice sa nedaju
uzavriet uplne. Daju sa spravit menej priepustnymi. Bez toho, aby to slo
ruku v ruke s moznostou legalnej, kontrolovanej a bezpecnej cesty, sa
absolutne cisla migrantov mozu aspon na nejaku dobu znizit, avsak
negativne sa zmeni ich demografia. Od kompletnych rodin, kde zeny + deti
uz tento rok tvorili asi 60% a u muzov bol velky podiel lahsie
integrovatelnych „Daddies“ so zavazkam, znova budu prevazovat
„wreckless“ terstosteronom vygumovani mladici.