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web clicky thingy without refresh

[09:22] <mirex> Hi. I know html and php. And now I’m looking for a way how to create a clickable thing on my webpage, that would ‚act‘ without changing current page. Like clicking a vote button in a poll, and poll refreshes with outcomes, without refreshing the page.
[09:23] <mirex> How is such thing done? What technology do I have to use? By that click I want to modify file on filesystem or a record in a mySql db.
[09:24] <Wonko> ajax
[09:28] <Wonko> in short – you issue a http request in javascript, this triggers a PHP script which does something and sends an answer, usually XML or JSON; and than you process that answer with JavaScript to apply the necessary changes to the current page
[09:28] <Wonko> there are frameworks to help you with that, e.g. jQuery