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Frogatto game
guys are developing new platformer for Win32, Mac, Linux, later for iPhone.

Has very nice graphics (8bit pixelart), just like in old days.

Code is open, graphics is not

2010-05-13 20:36:34
Post about very nice 8bit platformer backgrounds. Inspiring,75.0.html

2010-05-15 23:40:14
Post about tiles used in the game:,28.0.html

Published older art:

Kingdom of Auspiex Online – 2D MMORPG

Kingdom of Auspiex Online –
quite large 2D pixelart MMORPG . Client has 250mb
freenode / gamedev / kozmonaut (leader)

its a mmorpg, with about 50 to 100 playes on all the time and tons of content like:
– player housing
– crafting
– bard system
– spec system
– multiclass
– badass spells that kill one two or 10 targets
– mini games like crafting, cooking, fishing, lockpicking
– battle system full pvp, allignment based ( you gain more evil allignment killing those with greater )
– if yo evil you can hire gangsters and mercenaries to join you
– even start your own town

development 2005 – 2008, team: 12 core, 1 team leader + main designer, 4 scripters, 1 super prgrammer and artists and a few sound designers

The Eleventh – game in development. Multiplatform 3D RPG. Their team is quite large, few programmers, lots of graphicians, we’ll see what will they do. First tech-demo should be out in 11/2008, game finished in 2011.

Standalf from c++ is one from devteam.