15.7. – 24.7.
2D sidescrolling comic-fighting: programmer needed =
Comic-style graphic designer available = ( Pehkis_FIN )
Need Programmer for 2d Platformer = ( Rusty Knight X )
Composer / Producer looking for work = ( Hargne )
Programmer wanted. = ( Subterfuge , 2d platformer )


 I’m programmer who wants to make a platformer game. Here I can show you some details on a 2D engine I’m making: and here you can see a downloadable one-level-demo:

Write me back and tell me if you’re interested.

 Cheers !

2009-07-25 22:23:20
8.7. – 14.7.

PARPG – isometric 2d RPG looking for programmers, artists & game mechanics designers = ( mvBarracuda , post-apocalyptic RPG )

2D GameEditor =

2D Artist Looking for a Project = ( cybertronics )

2d Shooter Needs Art, Music Content =

Looking for Programmer for Indie Action Game!! = ( MurnauGames )

2009-08-04 02:03:19
another resume?


I’d like to apply. I’m a programmer, who has been programming for a long time and also tried to develop a game. I did try it with team of people but it has died on lack of interest from other team-members. I would like to create a platformer game.

I have already started a old-school platformer engine. Here are the specs so you can see if it suits your needs:
– runs on PC, possible to run on Windows/Linux, Mac
– has in-game level editor and scripts editor
– variable screen resolutions available, color depth is limited to 8 bits (256 colors)
– uses sprite bitmap graphics ( so no special effects are possible, like blur, precise rotations, transparencies etc )

Here is wiki webpage of the engine where you can see screenshots and information on it. And try to download and play one level of simple platformer I made .

2009-08-15 10:28:18
25.7 – 11.8

Pixel Art Workshop – Art Shop – (BloodyAvenger) –
free sprites / sprites to buy / to do.

2D Action-Shooter Game Looking for Lead Artist and Lead Programmer – (Game_Architect)

Team for 2D platformer shoot’emup – ( Penguz )

[indie] 2d artist seeks awesome programmer! – (mockra)

Positioning device

VisioMax – reseller company for technology –
VrLogic – producing tracking devices – – tracking devices, MTi-G and MTx , mailed them, they replied.
Wear it at work –

diskusia – /id/4729311