Asus wl500b into lan radio

OpenWrt na Asus wl 500b

* first upgraded firmware to from asus web
* then downloaded install cd for router from asus web. Unfortunately only for windows and did not work through wine. Had to run it on windows machine.
* used ‚upgraded firmware‘ utility to upload this image:
* now I can login to it through web  (login root, password empty), and configure basic stuff (ip, name, password)
* Then I logged in through ssh root@
Linux #12 Tue Dec 29 15:30:20 UTC 2009 mips unknown

* Installed basic packages through ‚opkg install <balicky>‘

* snd-usb-audio did not work well, heard only sharp noise, so I went by:
and I uninstaloval kmod-usb-audio
installed kmod-alsa
and did rmmod snd-usb-audio
then sound replay worked through:
wget -q -O – | madplay -o /dev/sound/dsp –
wget -q -O – | madplay –


2011-05-22 00:32:51
To start the internet radio replay automatically when machine powers on, into file /etc/rc.local I added one line:
wget -q -O – | madplay – &

2011-05-22 22:05:31

Detailed steps how to build whole radio with a box, controls and display