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Asus wl500b into lan radio

OpenWrt na Asus wl 500b

* first upgraded firmware to from asus web
* then downloaded install cd for router from asus web. Unfortunately only for windows and did not work through wine. Had to run it on windows machine.
* used ‚upgraded firmware‘ utility to upload this image:
* now I can login to it through web  (login root, password empty), and configure basic stuff (ip, name, password)
* Then I logged in through ssh root@
Linux #12 Tue Dec 29 15:30:20 UTC 2009 mips unknown

* Installed basic packages through ‚opkg install <balicky>‘

* snd-usb-audio did not work well, heard only sharp noise, so I went by:
and I uninstaloval kmod-usb-audio
installed kmod-alsa
and did rmmod snd-usb-audio
then sound replay worked through:
wget -q -O – | madplay -o /dev/sound/dsp –
wget -q -O – | madplay –


2011-05-22 00:32:51
To start the internet radio replay automatically when machine powers on, into file /etc/rc.local I added one line:
wget -q -O – | madplay – &

2011-05-22 22:05:31

Detailed steps how to build whole radio with a box, controls and display

configure, LDD, using so library

error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: Error 40
(link to it is wrong, ll on it)

error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
( it is not in the system, add it)

so you want to use .so library from internet.
first – library is probably not stored in system path.
use ‚locate‘. If nothing is printed – it is not in the system.
Add it:

sudo ln -s $PWD/ /usr/lib/

then fix up the locator:

sudo updatedb

and test locator


you can also try to see if its dependencies are met:


That’s it.

Project list

what was done, what is planned.

2011-02-07 10:00:32
Biturn – started as ‚Conv‘ for and evolved into viewer and converter of 2D + 3D graphics. C++, MFC, GTKMM, OpenGL, Visual C++ 6-2008, KDevelop

years 1998 – 2005 active, 2005-2010 scarce updates

2011-02-07 11:11:42
timestamp duplicator

program for (Brett?) guy who is modding some racing game. Program can copy time attributes from files and directories at one location to the same files/directories at target location. Prints out stats about the process.

Paid project, ~ 60e
c++, win32api, vs2008express, GTKMM

2011-02-08 14:46:50

Unpacker for various game archives. Active 1998-2005, started as FF7 LGP unpacker.

recently in 2011 updated for packing feature for Metal Gear Solid.
Non-commercial, C++, Visual Studio, MFC

2011-02-08 14:47:58

3D model viewer of monster database of game Final Fantasy 7.
OpenGL, MFC, Visual Studio

2011-02-08 14:50:15

program for small flea market cash-machine. Finished  30%. Going to be sold and one free version for MC Srdiecko. Started in 2010, not finished.

– printing
– xls/oof/pdf support
– gtkmm

2011-02-08 14:54:57
web projects

mirex, RNR list, simple message board – html,php,sql
trashbin – user file storage, autopurge; php
tery – project documentation, DokuWiki

erbbk – maintenance, typo3 – install, updates, everything – WordPress
materinaduska – same as

k-list kyberia – php, curl

2011-02-08 14:58:05

long developed game project. 2002 and still running. Not much of releases, only few. At this time no active members beside me. Still active.

SDL, FMOD, KDevelop, Visual Studio

web clicky thingy without refresh

[09:22] <mirex> Hi. I know html and php. And now I’m looking for a way how to create a clickable thing on my webpage, that would ‚act‘ without changing current page. Like clicking a vote button in a poll, and poll refreshes with outcomes, without refreshing the page.
[09:23] <mirex> How is such thing done? What technology do I have to use? By that click I want to modify file on filesystem or a record in a mySql db.
[09:24] <Wonko> ajax
[09:28] <Wonko> in short – you issue a http request in javascript, this triggers a PHP script which does something and sends an answer, usually XML or JSON; and than you process that answer with JavaScript to apply the necessary changes to the current page
[09:28] <Wonko> there are frameworks to help you with that, e.g. jQuery

multiplatform printing resources, not finished

Printing multiplatform:

project ideas

automaticka pozicovna knih

presklenna vitrina, cez ktoru bude vidno policu s chrbtami knih kde bude vidno nazvy. Vitrina bude zatvorena. Otvoritelna bud za poplatok mincou, alebo po autorizacii kartou ( pridelenou, alebo nejakou RFID priradenou kartou – autobusova, ?obciansky? )
senzor ktory bude odosielat alebo aspon zbierat udaje – cas otvorenia, cas zatvorenia, kamera ?

2010-08-26 07:52:53

3d mapa mesta s roznymi vrstvami – budovy / farebne rozlisenie podla typu budovy / points of interest / fotografie mesta / inzinierske siete
bude mozne zmenit datum pohladu a vtedy sa zmenia aj data na mape.
Musi byt pravidelne updatovane bud obcou, alebo zaplatenym servisom, alebo dobrovolnikmi.

Podobne by to mohlo byt pouzite aj na podniky, kde by bolo vidiet kde su inzinierske siete a podobne.

2010-10-17 04:12:39
Program ktory by vedel rozlozit vetu, porozumiet otazke (porozumiet vyrazom o case (‚teraz‘, ‚zajtra‘,’kedy‘), mieste(‚tu‘,’mesto‘,’garaz‘,’letisko‘), objektoch(‚ja-uzivatel‘,’ty-pocitac‘,’vlak‘) ) a vedel by zlozit odpoved na otazku.

Odpovede na otazky typu:
"kolko je hodin"
"aka je vonku teplota"
"kolko obyvatelov ma puchov"
"ako daleko je do londyna"
"kolko mas rokov"

Nieco ako pocitac ‚lode‘ v novsich star trekoch. Program by sa mal dat napojit na syntatizator reci, a na rozpoznavanie reci, tym padom by sa dal ovladat hlasom.

2010-11-16 07:25:23
este ku History-map
– pouzitie v meste ako informacny kiosk
– velke ikonky navigacie – prelet nad mestom so zvyraznovanim zaujimavych objektov. Engine bude upravovat pohyb sam tak, aby bol pohyb nie uplne volny, ale hlavne plynule pekny
– ikonka chodze – z aktualneho umiestnenia (treba uchovat v stroji kde sa nachadza) ukaze moznosti dopravy (vozidlom,chodzov) a trasu na urcene miesto (pamatihodnost, obchod, urad)
– hladanie objektov – najde pamiatky, obchody, grafitty spoty, bicyklo-trasy
– ikonka hodin – moznost zmena roku a videnie historickeho vzhladu mesta
– pekne fotografie mesta – lokalizovane v 3d priestore, historicke alebo sucasne – sem bude navigacia viac navadzat.

2010-11-18 09:38:45
X-ray view
Projektova dokumentacia o stavbe na mieste.
PDA+GPS+ lokalizacne zariadenia + senzory na zistovanie naklonu a pohybu = X-Ray view. Podla toho kde si a ktorym smerom sa pozeras by si videl na displayi dokumentaciu. Mohol by si tak vidiet ake kable a trubky su schovane v stene, rozmery stien, co je za stenami atd.
– zoomovanie, pozastavenie obrazu, ovladanie pohybu OSD bez senzorov
– prepinanie rezimov (ako daleko vidno, co vsetko vidno)

Burza libs – printing and xls/ods multiplatform

Project that allows you to layout page in postscript :

Example how to print postscript in windows:

How to print on unix – cups:

excel read/writer:

OOo library ?

2010-11-18 09:53:27 – excel

2011-02-08 09:55:00
printing to PDF:

soza – slovensko – info z kybce od konatela koncertov

za vlastnu tvorbu SOZE neplatis, mam uz zopar riesiciek s nimi za sebou…

cenniky su tam dost haluzne riesene, ale fakt za vlastnu tvorbu platit nemusis…s kamosmi riesime parties uz cca 10 rokov a posledne 2-3 roky sa na nas zavesila soza, takze radsej pred akciou vsetko nahlasime a nemusime platit pokuty…pokial nahlasis vlastnu tvorbu tak za to neplatis…zo sozy moze niekto prist na kontrolu ( v pripade nejakeho hudobneho podujatia spravit nahravku a pod ) a to ako si to oni spetne odkontroluju uz neviem, hlavne co sa tyka elektrinickej hudby – v tom asi nemaju prehlad a realne by sa k vela veciam ani nedopatrali pokial by chceli vymaknut nejakeho autora ci uz by sa jednalo o house, trance aleo techno

raz sme mali na party tipka zo sozy, tak som s nim vykecaval, ze ako to teda chodi…povedal len taky priklad, ze niekde bola "dedinska zabava" s vlastnou tvorbou…lenze tipcek zo sozy si tam vypocul cervene jablcko v oblocku mam… a organizatori museli platit pokutu…v takychto znamych pesnickach sa asi neda moc ojebavat ale myslim ze v elektronickej muzicke nie je problem a uz vobec nie ked sa jedna o jednu skladbu kt si niekto zavesi na stranku s tym ze mu tu skladbu spravi kamos…za toto fakt nemusi platit

hmmm je to zdruzenie ako akekolvek ine…ja osobne ani neviem ze by som mohol zaplatit autorske prava niekomu inemu ako soze, ale financne by to asi aj tak nebolo vyhodne…smutne na tom je ze ides robit party "nizkorozpozctovu" a tretinu nakladov ti tvoria poplatky na sozu a to musis zaplatit este pred samotnou akciou
toto dokaze aj celkom odradit z nadsenia nieco robit pre ludi :o(
ale budis mame tu system taky aky je, treba platit…sere ma to ze ked si aj dam tu namahu a vypisem komplet vsetkych interpretov ktori sa za jednu noc odohrali tak peniaze kt som zaplatil soze NIKDY nepridu konkretnemu interpretovi…pekne to tu rozdelia takym curakom ako elan, team, desmod a pod pretoze ti najviac ficia v radiach

este k tomu cervenemu jablcku…ked si nejaka dedinska folklorna kapelka co ja viem povedzme lapasanka ohlasi ze budu robit vystupenie a hrat sa bude vlastna tvorba a do toho pustia cervene jablcko tak maju problem – nie je to ich piesen, je to ludova piesen + este to naspievala nejaka ceska spevacka kt ma tiez na tom nejake autorske prava…takze takto nejak to je so sozou :o(

linux-windows shares and printer sharing – samba

Connecting printer that is shared on PC with windows:

run in console: ‚smbtree‘. There you will see computers and their shares. Ex:
    \JULKA                  Julka
        \JULKAC$                 Default share
        \JULKAKONICAMI           KONICA MINOLTA PagePro 1350W

Use printer name "\JULKAKONICAMI" when installing printer.

The same works for folder shares. See computer and share name through ‚smbtree‘. Then in Krusader put into address bar for example "smb://julka/" to get to target computer

OCR on linux

Seems that best software is ‚tesseract‘ but though, it won’t work any good on slovak text. So there is no SW I know.

how to convert jpg’s to pdf ? Simple !

convert *jpg a.pdf

‚convert‘ takes jpegs as they go, and puts them as pages into PDF.