Všetky príspevky miro

Temporary mailboxes for spam – protection

http://mailinator.com – no registration, no nothing. Use <something>@mailinator.com in any registration webform, and then go to mailinator.com and check for your registration mail just by entering your <something>
http://10minutemail.com – go there, click link and copy your new mail address. Use it and wait for registration mail. Your mailbox expires after 10 minutes unless you refresh.

2008-10-02 14:01:54
inbox.com – regular webmail, but when you receive new mail it first goes to ‚verify‘ folder. Sender receives captcha test, and only after he solves it, you receive the e-mail. Test has to be solved only once for every sender.

Items I want / presents / to get

List of items I’d like to have, probably:

2008-09-09 11:51:10
Dubstar – Stars – The Best Of Dubstar – http://www.discogs.com/release/313559

2008-09-24 14:57:29
– Koss Porta Pro headphones
– guitar for julia

2008-09-24 16:17:13

– headphones Sennheiser PX 100

2009-08-12 18:13:52
Chladiaca podlozka pod notebook, ticha, taka aby sa dala polozit na kolena.

2009-08-30 11:34:22
gamepad s dvoma analogovymi smerovacmi + gombikami

2010-07-04 21:09:25
penazenka kozenna makka, pristupny sacok na mince, dost miesta na kreditky a na 500 eurovku

2010-08-20 08:52:59
kvalitne wireless sluchadla

2010-09-02 08:30:06
kurz smyku v aute

2011-11-24 07:22:31
Justice –
2011: Audio, Video, Disco.

2013-05-03 12:30:12
Tricko – Treska & kofola – 16e – http://www.kompot.sk/e-shop/tricka-t-shirts/the-of-slovenske-gastro/2843.html

Tricko – Pan tragacik – 20e – http://www.kompot.sk/e-shop/tricka-t-shirts/stopy-pan-tragacik-a-neviditelni/3409.html

Tricko – Folklor jablonica – 16e – http://www.kompot.sk/e-shop/tricka-t-shirts/sg-jablonica/3277.html

2013-05-09 10:35:07
Nôž, pevný, do lesa. Na strúhanie palíc, na sekanie, na krájanie špekáčky.

2013-06-09 21:32:05
Klavesnica – ticha, podsvietena k PC
Vraj tato je dobra:

2013-07-07 23:54:36
http://store.bethsoft.com/apparel/mens/t-shirts/vault-boy-thumbs-up-tshirt.html $18
http://store.bethsoft.com/fallout-logo-tshirt.html $18

The Eleventh

http://www.the-eleventh.com/ – game in development. Multiplatform 3D RPG. Their team is quite large, few programmers, lots of graphicians, we’ll see what will they do. First tech-demo should be out in 11/2008, game finished in 2011.

Standalf from c++ is one from devteam.