Russia Today and the post-truth virus – P U L S E
Eva Bartlett

A video is circulating of a woman revealing “the truth” on Syria
that is being withheld from us by “the mainstream media”. The woman
is introduced as an “independent Canadian journalist”. She is said to be
speaking  “at the UN”. The date is December 9, 2016. The video has
become viral.

Eva Bartlett, the woman in the video, writes for various conspiracy sites including, The Duran, MintPress and But
more recently she has emerged as a contributor to Russia Today. And
though her wordpress blog is called “In Gaza”, and though she has a past
in Palestine solidarity work, unlike the people of Gaza, she is a
strong supporter of Assad and she uses language to describe
Assad’s opponents that is a virtual echo of the language
Israeli propagandists use against Gazans.

Bartlett was recently a guest of the Assad regime, attending a regime
sponsored PR conference and going on a tour of regime-controlled
areas herded no doubt by the ubiquitous minders (the regime only issues
visas to trusted journalists and no visitor is allowed to travel without
a regime minder). On her return, the regime mission at the UN organised
a press conference for her and three members of the pro-regime US
“Peace Council” (The organisation has the same relationship to peace as
Kentucky Fried Chicken has to chicken). In the press conference they all
repeated the claims usually made by the regime’s official media SANA
and by Russia Today: all rebels are terrorists; there is no siege;
civilians are being held hostage; the regime is a “liberator” etc.

So a conspiracy theorist with a blog who briefly visited Syria as
a guest of the regime is declaring that everything you know about Syria
is wrong. That you have been misled by everyone in the “MSM” from the
New York Times to Der Spiegel, from the Guardian to the Telegraph, from
CNN to Channel 4, from ABC to BBC, from CBS to CBC; that human rights
organisations like Physicians for Human Rights, Medicins Sans Frontiers,
Amnesty International, and Human Rights Watch; that international
agencies like the UN and ICRC—they are all part of a vast conspiracy to
malign Bashar al Assad. And the truth is only revealed on “alternative”
media like the Kremlin’s own Russia Today! (watched by 70 million people a week according to its own claims)