building libcurl with sftp support

Thanks for sharing, this is just what I needed because googling or looking through forums did not give me right answers.

I found compiling on windows is more complicated. As libcurl includes
libssh2 and that requires openssl/libgcrypt/wincng you need to download
and unpack openssl too and build it. And openssl also requires: make,
perl 5, nasm (all described in INSTALL and NOTES.WIN)

So to sum it up:
– download libcurl
– download libssh2
– download openssl at…
– download perl
– download nasm
– download cmake
– have visual studio

1) build openssl
– run visual studio command line (to have access to compiler)
– I had to add nasm path by set path=%path%;C:\Users\me\AppData\Local\NASM\
– change to openssl folder
– run „perl Configure VC-WIN32“ , „nmake“, „nmake test“

2) build libssh2
– go to libssh2 folder
– create ‚build‘ folder and move inside
– call set OPENSSL_ROOT_DIR={your path to openssl folder}
– call „c:\Program Files\CMake\bin\cmake.exe“ -G „Visual Studio 14 2015“ ..
– call „c:\Program Files\CMake\bin\cmake.exe“ –build . –config Release

3) build libcurl
– next to curl folder create ‚deps‘ folder for curl dependencies
– copy libssh2\includes into deps\include\libssh2\
– copy libssh2_a.lib into deps\lib\
– go to curl folder, subfolder winbuild
– call ‚nmake /f mode=static WITH_SSH2=static VC=14 MACHINE=x86 DEBUG=no‘