GPS elevation gain summary may be fake

zaujimavy blog o tom ako Strava alebo aj ine bike kompjutre
zaznamenavaju elevation gain ..
myslim, ze sa oplati precitat cele, na konci je odkaz na kratke
pokracovanie v dalsom blogu.
nemal som doteraz velke nadeje, ze je to presne, ale taketo rozdiely
som necakal a celkom nakopu rit.

The Voodoo of Elevation Gain and Strava (and How I Get Around It)

edit: koment od autora na konci blogu ku Garmin 820ke:
I’ve been testing with a Garmin 820 of late, with GPS, GLONASS, and a
barometric altimeter. In the few tests I’ve done, it’s been pretty
consistent in under-reporting elevation gain by about 10%, which
perhaps sounds horrible but it’s not that bad (and is a heck of a lot
better than Strava’s automatic elevation stuff, at least in my area).