HHO hydrogen car motor

Ford uz ma cely motor na hydrogen – Ford V10 Hydrogen Engine, aj v aute, da sa o tom citat trebars tuna, ale pisu ze uspora je asi iba 12% oproti beznym palivam

Aj tuto o nom pisu:

strana 10

Tuto som sa docital ze male systemy ktore pridavaju HHO do motora su pravdepodobne velmi neucinne a skor spotrebuvaju energiu:

Physicists, and physical laws, point out it takes more energy to create the gas. In other words, the system’s output is less than its input. Critics also urge interested parties to look at how much gas it takes to power a car, as opposed to how much oxyhydrogen is necessary to replace an equivalent amount of fuel. More importantly, a car’s alternator can’t produce the current to generate that much HHO.

Despite the controversy, HHO systems are fascinating — they represent a potential.